Entête absolut cashmere
Entête absolut cashmere


take care of your cashmere

absolut cashmere sweaters are made from high quality cashmere fibers that require delicate care. To keep them intact year after year, it is necessary to give them special attention.

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  • how to avoid the cashmere sweater from pilling?

  • It is important to know that pilling is a natural process because it results from friction on your sweater. Nevertheless, to limit their appearance, avoid rubbing your cashmere sweater against hard objects such as zippers, pockets containing keys, a wallet, etc.
  • how to remove pilling from your cashmere?

  • The most effective long-term way to remove pilling is to wash your cashmere sweater regularly. Pilling is caused by excess material. After about ten washes, the excess material will be eliminated and the pilling will disappear. In addition to the regular washing of your cashmere sweater, use an absolut anti-pilling comb
  • how to give spark and softness back to your cashmere?

  • Dampen your sweater, put it in a wash net and slip it into your freezer for a few hours. Then let your sweater sit flat. It will regain its shine and softness !
  • how to keep your cashmere soft?

  • avoid wearing your cashmere sweater for more than three consecutive days. In fact, it is important to let the fibre rest and rebuild so that it keeps all its flexibility.
  • how to tidy cashmere soft?

  • avoid wearing your cashmere more than three consecutive days. Indeed, it is important to let the fiber rest and bounce back to its original shape.
  • how to protect your cashmere from moths?

  • place cedar ball in your closet. It repels away moths and spreads a delicate woody smell. Once a year, it is necessary to slightly soak the ball with cedar oil.
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I am a sweater addict but especially a cashmere addict ! I don't know what adjective to use to express my love for your collections, so really, thank you for this article that will save many of my sweaters !
Stéphanie C.