Entête absolut cashmere
Entête absolut cashmere


origin of cashmere.

Cashmere is an animal fiber from the long, silky wool of the Capra Hircus goat. The fleece of the cashmere goat is enriched with a soft down to protect it from the extreme cold which can reach -40 ° C on the high plateaus of Mongolia.
Cashmere wool is made from down.
At absolut, quality is a priority. So we went to select the most beautiful goats in the icy and fragile meadows of Inner Mongolia.
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our second-skin

Le cachemire est une matière naturelle aux fonctions thermorégulatrices et anti-odorantes , il a la propriété de se mettre à la température du corps été comme hiver.
ces qualités naturelles ne peuvent être égalées par aucune matière synthétique. De plus, les vêtements absolut cashmere ont une longue vie, due au soin particulier apporté à leur fabrication. notre cachemire a été pensé pour faire office de seconde peau, enroulés dans ses fibres naturelles nous ne pouvons être que gratifiant envers la nature de nous offrir ce cadeau.

We chose to dye the fiber to get the best quality.

There are several methods to dye cashmere :

- By dyeing the fiber collected from the goat

- By tinting the thread

- By dyeing the crafted sweater

we chose to dye the fiber because this process produces garments of the highest quality (grade A).

the cashmere fiber is obtained by delicately brushing the goats with a comb for their useless hair. We help them get rid of this excess of hair that would otherwise have been naturally lost in spring. Then, our shepherds ensures the cleaning of impurities trapped in the fibers.

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