Entête absolut cashmere
Entête absolut cashmere


reinvent the cashmere.

Thanks to a studied know-how and an irreproachable quality , absolut cashmere seduces more and more and does not cease developing. And as your name suggests, absolut cashmere is bursting with imagination !

The story begins in 2016

Caroline, a mother with a busy life, decided to rejuvenate the world of cashmere. Working with a group that has specialized in cashmere for 20 years, she was inspired by her daily life and that of her team to create modern and lively lines that evolve with the times. Influenced by the overflowing energy of today's women and touched by the ecological disasters that follow one another, Caroline creates a collection that favors quality, creativity and respect for the environment.

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« The absolute woman is plural. She is defined by her positive attitude and not by her age. She is a modern woman, free, educated, connected, impertinent and glamorous. She joyfully cultivates color and oversize with a cool, casual and offbeat-assumed elegance.  »
Caroline T.

what drives us.

we hope that by wrapping themselves in our cashmeres, our customers will become aware of the excesses of overconsumption and the ecological impact that low-cost cashmere has on our planet. With the hope that they will end up choosing only brands that care about animal welfare and respect the balance of our soil


The eco-friendly cashmere brand

the absolute sweaters are meticulously created from one of the rarest and most luxurious natural fiber in the world, Mongolian cashmere. They are now raised in our absolute production center in an ideal climate environment.

We only work with artisans and suppliers who share the same values as us to offer the best possible ecological solutions . By coming to absolut, you are not only buying a sweater, you are contributing to feed the Mongolian nomads and the herds we work with, so thank you !

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associated with natural fabrics such as bamboo, linen or cotton, absolut cashmere wishes to bring a breath of fresh air to this noble material that is cashmere. The idea is to modernize and democratize this fiber so that it no longer falls into the category of “classic clothing”. Our beloved sweater becomes a true fashion piece, colorful, with trendy prints, revisited stripes, beautiful volumes…

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Models imagined and drawn in Paris

In our parisian showroom, our stylists and quality controllers are inspired by the latest fashions and trends to offer you the best sweater cuts. Models worked and thought, impeccable finishes, a range of rich and singular colors, but especially a shot of good humor that will allow you to express yourself through your clothes.