Entête absolut cashmere
Entête absolut cashmere


how to wash your cashmere?

cashmere is believed to be high maintenance yet, one just needs to respect a few basic rules to care for this delicate fiber and keep it for years.

  • prefer machine wash over hand wash.

  • in fact, your sweater will be washed with a smooth and even movement while washing it by hand, you risk twisting the fiber by kneading it or wrinkling it. And don’t forget to separate the colors…
  • protect your cashmere by putting it in a net.

  • Ideally, we advise you to wash your cashmere sweaters one by one. However, if you want to wash several sweaters at the same time, we recommend the special absolut cashmere net to protect each sweater from friction.
  • use the wool cycle.

  • For an optimal wash, put your cashmere on the reverse side. Select the wool program in your washing machine. Set the temperature to cold. Limit the spinning to 400 revolutions maximum. Use a small amount of lessive spéciale cachemire et surtout n’utilisez pas d’adoucissant.
  • Dry your cashmere flat.

  • to dry your cashmere, nothing simpler: put it flat on a towel towel in the open air. The dryer is absolutely forbidden. Avoid stretching your cashmere sweater because the weight of the water will weigh it down and it will deform it. Keep your cashmere sweater away from heat sources at the risk of felting.
  • if necessary repassage steam iron.

  • normally you don’t need to iron your cashmere sweater. However, if you wish, you can use a steamer, whose steam will not damage your cashmere. If you don’t have one, do a slight steam ironing on the back of your cashmere, gently, and without crushing it.
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« Cashmere fiber loves water ; the more you wash your absolut sweater, the more beautiful it will be! »
Flora T.
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