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Quarantine : yes, I’m comfortable with the way I am, thanks.

Published : 2020-04-30 - Categories : News

The world is going through a complicated health crisis. To support our carers, we have to stay at home. But again, the image of the woman is called into question.

Who has not seen since the beginning of quarantine articles “how not gain weight during quarantine?” “how to be beautiful in quarantine” or publications on social networks calling the bodies of women. Too big, too skinny, white hair… Finally, an invigorating demonstration that still proves that the only way to define a woman is her physical appearance. Articles will continue to remain and criticism on the body to increase, but a major awareness is being made, putting an end to dictatorships and injunctions.

Maybe you are reading this article in your best pajamas or in your swimsuit, sunbathing in your garden for the lucky ones. No more 12 cm of heels, tinny skirt and 20 min in the bathroom trying to make a perfect line of eye-liner, you are ready to begin a new day of quarantine at home. It’s been a few weeks since you shaved your hairs, the regrowth of your hair can be seen but no matter what, you have become an addict of the “no bra” and “no make up”. A good way to stop injections for post-containment. You work out if you want, just for yourself and keep up morale.

During FaceTime, you sip your white wine accompanied by a mixed board cheese and local charcuterie, with your friends that you haven’t seen since a while. You talk series and chore, because even confined you have to go to the supermarket (you have to stock up on cheese). In the evening you are one of those who scrolls social network, and look at your subscriptions laughing: they have all become sporty. You say to yourself “tomorrow is sport” but finally you are good in your body, there is no imperative. You have your grandmother on the phone, telling you that you’re letting go. “No Grandmother, I’m just enjoying”. You no longer have these looks that judge you because you are no wearing perfect hair, or are not dressed according to the injunctions of fashion. You are you and you love it.

What if this is the after-confinement? The committed movements have grown steadilyover tge past two yers. #metoo, body positive… a fed up, impulsed by celebrities from all over the worl. At absolut cashmere, it is a free and independent woman that we xant to highlight through our collections. Assumed, connected and ambitious, she is not afraid to say what she thinks and proclaims her freedom loud and clear. Containment certainly has its negative points, but it results in positive points : stem this epidemic and learn to love yourself.

Take care of yourself,