30 colors
of cashmere.

a multitude of nuances

Le studio de création d’absolut cashmere a développé une trentaine de couleurs pétillantes et actuelles afin d’égayer les dressings de chacune d’entre vous. Fort de notre savoir-faire, absolut cashmere a adopté la meilleure méthode de teinture de fibre qu’il soit. Nos pigments sont parfaitement dosés et eco-conscious , ils n’affectent ni la qualité ni la douceur de notre cachemire.

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the feel good
cashmere brand.

absolut cashmere is much more than just a cashmere brand. Our wish is to highlight the beauty, elegance and to reveal the dormant spark within every woman. It is by working with the most beautiful fabric that our stylists imagine strong, qualitative knits, essential to your wardrobe.

  • woman
    absolut cashmere is the story of a connected and daring woman who loves to snuggle in our reassuring, timeless and robust cashmere.
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  • colors
    our passion is to make cashmere a fun, colourful and sharp universe for all women to express a will, an inspiration or a feeling.
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  • green attitude
    preserving the environment is our main issue. absolut cashmere works to develop responsible collections with the utmost respect for our little goats and their breeders, guaranteeing you an incomparable quality.
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our eco-friendly

at absolut cashmere, we go to Inner Mongolia each season to check that our quality requirements are well respected and especially that our goats are well treated. It is essential for us to stay close to our producers in order to work together with the same passion.

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